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Purchase this option if you are seeking access to the official Comix Method Certification Course for your business.  This grants access to material by every member of a registered organization.


This version & price point is ideal if 3 or more employees of a business will utilize the material. This  will grant you access to the entire Comix Method course powered by thinkific.  All course material is available immediately. Access to all subsequent resources are available to you for FREE for one year after completing the course.  After 1 year, you may renew your Studio Unlimited Resources Subscription & Certification for just $549/year.


*This option will bill you monthly for 6 months with auto-pay. If you are seeking the option to make manual payments, please send an email to for a contract and options.


The Comix Method: Studio Unlimited Certification (Payment Plan)

Price Options
Payment Plan
8 months
$249.00every month for 8 months
  • This certification grants you access to two main sources for training:

    The Certification Course


    Once the certification course is complete(20 chapters, 2 tests), you will be able to gain your official certificate and access to all resources for 1 year.


    The Comix Method Certification Course

    • Finding The Roots of Hip Hop
    • Dance History: Hip Hop
    • Dance History: Breaking
    • Dance History: Popping
    • Dance History: Locking
    • Test 1
    • The Comix Method for: Beginner/7-10 year olds
    • The Comix Method for: Intermediate/Pre-teens
    • The Comix Method for: Advanced/Teens
    • The Comix Method for: Warmups
    • The Comix Method for: Hip Hop Training
    • The Comix Method for: B-boy Training
    • The Comix Method for: Popping Training
    • The Comix Method for: Hip Hop & Competition
    • The Comix Method for: Boys Classes
    • The Comix Method for: Crafting Choreography
    • The Comix Method for: Costumes
    • The Comix Method for: Rebuilding/Building a Hip Hop Program
    • Test 2


    The Comix Method: Resources

    • Access to previous & upcoming webinars.
    • Access to all John "Comix" authored e-books.
    • Access to all tutorial videos in the Resource Library.
    • Access to all downloadable files in the Certified HQ.
    • Free one-on-one consultation.
    • Free choreography feedback.
    • Free curriculum for your classroom.
  • Once acccess is granted to the course or resource pages, you have full access to all training, tutorials, and downloadable material. No refund may be given after access has been granted.

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