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Step 1

Take The Course

Purchase the course on this page to begin the training & certification process. Chapters of the course include the history of Hip Hop, Popping, Locking,  & Breaking in order to inform the education method being utilized in this program. In other words, history is referenced to find the "why" behind this approach.

The classroom based chapters on the Comix Method include core lessons & training for every age/skill level, multipel street dance styles, boys only classes, competition classes, and much more.

Step 2

Certify & Unlock Your Resources

The course requires you to take two tests. Once you pass both, you'll be able to obtain your official certificate and all of the perks that come along with it. That means you'll have access to:

The Resource Library: A library of core and rotating tutorial videos to continue your physical training year round.

The Certified HQ: A section of this site dedicated to downloadable files for you to use in your classroom. This also includes ebooks and other resources that are offered at

Webinars: Free access to all upcoming webinars and past webinars hosted by Comix Method creator John "Comix" Barrella. You can see all available webinars at

Curriculum: Available for free to all certified members, you may request a curriculum for your classroom. If The Comix Method doesn't currently provide a curriculum that fits your desired classroom setting, a custom one will be made for you!

Consultation: All certified members have the additional perk of requesting one on one consultation to help guide you through any number of needs for your classroom. 

Step 3

Keep Learning

You have access to all of your additional resources for 1 year following certification. In the meantime, all of the ways you can train will continue to grow. To maintain an active certification & keep working with your latest resources, renew your certification & resources package for just $199 per year. With renewal, you'll have continued access to all of the resources listed, plus free access to every new  Comix Method course available.  These courses are not available to the public. Upcoming courses include a deeper dive into Locking, choreography composition, &  competition/adjudication!

Quick Payment Link!

This link will bring you to a page for course director John Comix Barrella.  Use your bank account, credit card, or paypal account to make a quick payment for your payment plan, renewal fee, or any other services. Once you get to the page, simply enter the amount you are paying and follow the prompts. Do not use this link to purchase full membership or renew before you received your rate.

Payment Plan Installments, Renewal Fees, & More. Click Here.png
Payment Plan Installments, Renewal Fees, & More. Click Here(3).png

Start Your Certification

Registration for the course is easy! By clicking one of the links below, you'll be forwarded to the course page and the beginning of your journey with the Comix Method. If you're ready to get started, simply head to the course and follow the prompts to Register for access to the course. Otherwise, read on for more information about the course, price options, and the differences between studio & individual certification.

Dance Studio(1).png



Includes access to full course, resources, & all other certification program perks for 1 year from date of course completion.  Payment plan options are available.

Save $100 when you purchase the course in full.

Dance Studio.png



Accessible by all current employees of  the registered dance business. Includes access to full course, resources, & all other certification program perks for 1 year from date of course completion. Ideal if you'd like for 3 or more employees to access the course. Payment plan options are available.

Save $200 when you purchase  the course in full.

If you cannot pay in full at this time, payment plans are available. Simply click here to head to the "Shop" page and purchase the course via a payment plan. There are no waiting periods or restrictions applied when using a payment plan. If you would like to learn more about payment plans, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Subscribe to Resources

If you want to  subscribe to  the  Comix resources without certification, you'll have access to a ton of resources outside of the training course.

Price: $399/year

Certified Member Price: $199/year

*Obtainable only by members who have purchased and completed the course, after their one year of free resources expires.

Primary Resources:

  • Resource Library: Tutorial Videos For Your Continued Dance Training

  • Certified HQ: Downloadable files that will give you lessons, skill trees, games, checklists, and so much more for your  classroom.

Big Perks:

  • Free Curriculum for use in your classroom.

  • Access to ALL WEBINARS hosted at for FREE!

  • Access to ALL E-BOOKS written by John "Comix" for FREE!

  • One-on-one consultation/training with John "Comix" via zoom.

  • Unlimited choreography feedback. Get detailed notes/critiques for every number you are choreographing this year.

What's Inside The Course?

CMList 1.png

A Look At Your Resources

CMList 3.png
CMList 4.png
CMList 2.png

How do I access the course?

The registration links take you to the exact page you'll need for the course.If you did not pay for the course in full(payment plan members), your link to the course will be sent via email after the payment terms are set and first payment is made. If you need assistance accessing the course after purchase, please contact John at immediately. 

How do I access all of the other resources after I have completed the course?

Once you have passed the course tests, a certificate will be emailed to you. At that time, you'll also be able to create an account on this site. Just head to the "log in" tab at the top of the page and follow the prompt. Once you've chosen your method of account creation, your profile will be submitted for approval. As long as you have passed the course, you'll be approved in no time! Additionally, your email will be added to the email list for newsletters designed specifically for members.

Certification Categories


This is the primary and most direct membership available. Individual membership covers the certification course, tests, certificate, & access to resources/perks for one individual. Each certified teacher maintains  a valid  membership for one full year starting on the day of your first payment. If you complete your course within one month, you'll be granted a free month and your certification year will begin at the start of the following month.  Renewal of membership is cheaper than brand new membership, and carries a bigger discount if certain criteria are met ( more information below).

Recommended for:

New Dance Teachers

Hip Hop Dancers In Need of Education Training

Dance Teachers In Need of Hip Hop Training

Dance Studio Unlimited

This membership carries all of the same perks as individual membership. With Dance Studio Unlimited, certification applies to all employees of the certified dance business. One fee covers all instructors who may take the course. This membership is ideal for two situations:

Studios with 3 or more teachers running hip hop classes save money on total registration cost.

Studio owners that wish to oversee development of the hip hop program and hire new teachers can use this program to train future employees.


Additional rules apply when an unlimited membership covers all employees

For a dance studio or business to earn certification, the entire course must be taken by:

A. Every instructor teaching hip hop classes within the dance studio hip hop program.


B. A studio owner or lead teacher for the hip hop program that will oversee the content of all classes, convey lessons, and craft curriculum that additional hip hop employees must follow.

The studio will have access to the entire course & tests to forward to any employee as necessary. To void the necessity for every teacher to take the course,  a studio owner or lead teacher must agree to oversee the content of the hip hop program as stated above. Any teacher within a studio unlimited certification that does not pass the test  for their individual certificate must have the majority of lesson plans  designed by a certified overseer of the program. This is to ensure that all programs representing the comix method are maintaining the fundamentals of the program.

The fee for access to certification by a dance studio grants the availability of individually named certificates to all employees  currently contracted with the studio.

Any certified individuals that break contract with an employer that would be the initial purchaser of the program is required to retake the course to avoid losing certification.  An additional fee paid by the individual  may be required in order to maintain their individual certification. The feel will be assessed based on remaining months in the membership year. Alternatively, full year price can be paid to begin a brand new membership year.   Renewal discount prices will apply.

Payment Options

Pay in full for the
discounted rate.

Copy of Blue and Yellow Modern Business Card(1).png

Payment Plan Options


The lowest available price for Certification or Resources will be via pay-in-full options. You can purchase the certification program and get started on the course right away by clicking the links toward the top of this page. For The Comix Method: Resources, click here to go to the "Shop" page and purchase the annual subscription for Resources($399).

*Once you have accessed the course material, no refund can be given for membership.

Payment Plans For The Comix Method: Certification

Payment plans are arranged in two ways. With auto-pay, you can easily subscribe to a 6 month or 8 month payment plan and get your first payment done today. The entire course will be available to you within 24-48 hours after your first payment. View your options for auto-pay plans BY CLICKING HERE.


If you would prefer a manual payment option, you must contact The Comix Method directly to request  a manual payment plan. You'll have a custom invoice written out that details your main contact information, a payment due date of the 1st or 15th of each month, and all rules/regulations a customer needs to know. Once the down payment is made, you'll gain access to the course. 


Lack of payment/ lack of communication regarding a delayed payment will result in  cancellation of membership and a loss of access to the course & resources. Due to the exclusive nature of the course content, no refunds can be given. . If you have unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative that you contact  the program for a solution.

*No payment plans are offered that span the entire membership year at this time. For additional options, please  specify when contacting John Barrella.

Payment Plans For The Comix Method: Resources

You may purchase this annual subscription as a 5 month payment plan instead of the pay in full option. The Auto-pay plan is available for purchase BY CLICKING HERE. If you prefer a manual payment option, you can request an invoice similar to the invoices available for the certification.  The same rules & standards apply.

Click Here to View All Auto-Pay Payment Plans

Request an invoice and manual payment options by emailing THECOMIXMETHOD@GMAIL.COM


Your Name

Phone Number

Payment Plan Option: Certification: 6 month, Certification: 8 Month, Resources: 5 Month

Preferred Start Date For Payments (1st or 15th of given month)


Manual Payment Plans


Additional Notes on the Program & Registration

Payment is required to access the course. Once the course has been accessed, no refund may be given for membership.

Members are forbidden from sharing login details with non-members for the Certified HQ and Resource Library Pages. All resources are exclusive for members only. Access to the additional content is based on the prerequisite knowledge gained from the certification course.

Comix Method certified teachers are representatives/ambassadors for the program and its method of hip hop education.  Each member is trusted to utilize these tools responsibly in the classroom. This means emphasizing technique, educating on real hip hop information, & creating  safe, age appropriate content for students.

Renewal of certification carries a discount for every returning member. Additional discounts are available when teachers submit samples of work crafted while utilizing the Comix Method( choreography, lessons, etc..)

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