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What is The Comix Method?

This is a training course, a test, & a set of exclusive resources for hip hop teachers. This is a full program dedicated to assisting dance teachers that want long term access to information and training that will help expand on the work they do in their classes.  In addition to the extensive list of accessible resources, this is a certificate for a teacher to add to their list of verifiable skills in dance education.

Does this certify me to teach Hip Hop?

In short, this is not an official  hip hop certification. This is a certification for learning and implementing a method that accurately educates on hip hop. This program is not a culmination of every opinion on hip hop education and content. Therefore, certification is restricted to the individual educator( John Comix ) and their ability to validate usage of this particular approach to hip hop.

Further details..

This is an active program that emphasizes the elements of one particularly effective method for dance education. This method approaches the education  of closely related dance styles such as Hip Hop , B-boy(Breakin, Breakdancing), Popping, & Locking beyond choreography. From an angle that emphasizes the core elements of those styles, technique is prioritized, ordered, & explained in a progressive way that resembles the structure of long term youth dance education(schools, studios, etc..) without adhering to the expectations of the role of hip hop in a dance studio from an uninformed place. This approach is the foundation of the Comix Method, allowing for a very effective approach to street dance education.

What do I get when I certify?

Certified teachers begin the program with a lengthy course on Hip Hop's history, prominent techniques in key dance styles, & an overview of The Comix Method's core lessons. Teachers must pass each test (2) to officially certify. Once officially certified, teachers have studied important aspects of street dance history and techniques and can revisit any aspect of the course at any time for a refresher. Each teacher also earns an official certificate which confirms membership and can be used to verify training for employers or similar purposes.


Beyond earning the title, teachers will then have access to a library of resources which will maintain, rotate, and add brand new content throughout each year. Teachers may also request resources that will be free for any current certified individual ( custom curriculum, consultations). Finally, live workshops, and ebooks/videos exclusive to the Essentials Store  carry a massive discount.

What are the 4 Pillars of The Comix Method?

Taking a cue from the 4 elements of hip hop, the 4 pillars of the Comix Method refer to the main concepts that define this education method for street dance. Each pillar is a small phrase representing a particular thought process that aims to keep dance teachers in line with the balance we strike between authentic hip hop & true education. They are:

Restriction=Freedom - Restriction from habits habits forces you to make new creative decisions.

The Hip Hop Experience - The study of hip hop's history & techniques helps us give students the most authentic hip hop experience available to them in training & performance.

Trace it Backwards - Trace your choreography content backwards in terms of foundational technique & inspiration to determine how/when to label your own work as hip hop or something else.

Embrace Discovery Mode  - Technique takes priority over choreography to make sure students  can understand, explain, & execute hip hop beyond a set of combos. Embracing Discovery Mode means it is not only OK, but important and appropriate to try new things that aren't perfect yet in an atmosphere designed for training, not performing.

What are The Comix Method's Core Lessons?

Core Lessons refer to the lessons that are essential to implementation of the Comix Method. A majority of core lessons are covered in the initial course as part of the required learning each teacher must engage in to officially certify. Each core lesson from the course and all additional core lessons will have a permanent presence on this website inside the Certified HQ or Resource Library pages in order to be readily available to all certified instructors.

What's in the certification course & test?

The certification test has chapters dedicated to Hip Hop history, Breakin history, Popping history, Locking history,  education methods for different age groups/skill levels, education methods for hip hop & related styles, the comix method for boys hip hop classes, the comix method for competition classes, choreography composition & structure, & more.

Each test will consist of questions designed to make sure you have understood and absorbed the material in all chapters.  Test 1 is on the history portion. Test 2 is on the chapters covering the Comix Method.

What if I fail the test?

The main goal is to inform teachers, not fail them.  A passing grade is required to complete certification and the test can be taken as many times as necessary to show that you have understood the material.

Why are some pages restricted?

Pages such as Certified HQ and the Resource Library are accessible only to certified teachers.  A password is required to  enter and view content. Password sharing with individuals not certified is not permitted.

What's in the Certified HQ and Resource Library?

Certified HQ is a home base for certified teachers. There you will find some downloadable content and important discussions, concepts, rules pertaining to the Comix Method.

The Resource Library is the place to find all the videos, lessons, free choreography, exercises, dance terms, & more courses to continue training with and implementing into your classroom. Core Lesson related content will always be available. Other content  is added and rotates throughout the year.

Does this program require me to teach a specific way?

No. However you DO have to implement key elements into your program This program requires you to implement particular concepts & lessons into your classroom,  inform on techniques & terms with safety and accuracy, allow room for regular technical training, & utilize foundational concepts  as part of the backbone of class technique.How you choose to structure your lessons and balance the usage of Comix Method related information with your own is entirely up to you.  Your teaching style and interests in movement are up to you.  If you are seeking an entire blueprint for how to teach hip hop classes, this program does offer enough content to be able to do so.

Does this program require me to choreograph a certain way?

The Comix Method only requires you to accurately label or describe your choreography. Information in the course will help you identify how to do so.

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