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Payment Plans & Resources

The Comix Method: Certification

Pick an option below if you are looking for payment plans for official certification. After you purchase your option, you'll receive an official welcome email within 24-48 hours. It will contain a contract outlining your payment schedule, instructions on accessing the  course, and details regarding the resources you receive once the course is complete.

The Comix method: Resources

Pay in full for direct access to Resources. This does not include certification or the course, but will grant you access to all resources mentioned in the description. A payment plan option is available at a slightly higher rate.

  • Payment plans enroll you in monthly auto-pay that will run until the entire amount is paid.

  • If you are seeking a manual payment option, email for options and an invoice/contract.

  • For the cheapest price on The Comix Method: Resources, choose the pay in full product below.

  • For the cheapest price on The Comix Method: Certification, purchase the course directly from the Get Certified page. This will take you right to the course and you can get started today!

  • The Studio Unlimited plan is only available for Certification at this time.  This is ideal for any business that wants to obtain the course & resources for 3 or more employees.

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