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Tutorial Videos

Availability: The Resource Library

These resources focus on physical demonstration and lecture topics regarding everything you  may want to understand better about street dance.  There are 3 categories of tutorial videos:

1. Core Lessons

These videos are always available to you. These are the foundational lessons strictly regarding dance technique for genres such as Hip Hop, Breaking, & Popping. The core lesson content does rotate and update, but there is always a specific set of lessons that will always be available to teachers year-round.

Core Lessons: Breaking

Includes toprock terminology, downrock terminology, a guide to get downs, step by step instructions for freezes, & more.


Core Lessons: Hip Hop

Includes terminology & technique for core party/social dance steps, a guide to important grooves & rhythms in Hip Hop, & more. 

Core Lessons: Popping

Includes lessons on muscle contractions, isolations, waving, tutting, choreographing Popping, movement quality, & more.

2. Video Courses

This set of videos cover a variety of subjects and are available in rotation in the Resource Library. Based on the time of  year, different course subject matter will appear on The Comix Method. On average, a course will contain 2-4 hours of material across about a dozen videos. New courses are always being developed for teachers. The current lineup of courses  on rotation for The Comix Method subscribers includes:

Introducing Freestyle

An overview of freestyle lessons and deeper concepts regarding the importance of freestyle. An exploration of the most effectie ways to get even the most apprehensive student comfortable with freestyle.

Choreographing Hip Hop

Choreography composition techniques for dance teachers. This course covers elements of movement and how to dissect steps to understand possibilities. 

A Guide To Guest Work

A collection of subjects pertaining to your own career as a guest artist. This course covers your resume,  dance reel, determining your rate, your artist identity, and much more.

Professional Prep

Lessons pertaining to the professional development of your students.  This includes subjects pertaining to auditioning, texture & dynamics,  and other subjects that will set your students up for success post-graduation.

Building a Hip Hop Program

This course covers topics pertaining to  the building or rebuilding of a Hip Hop program. 

Building a Hip Hop Team

This collection of videos will cover topics related to developing and running a Hip Hop crew/team/company or whatever you are calling it. Topics include format for training, seeking opportunities, important professional development lessons, and more.

Top 5's

A collection of videos that cover "top 5" concepts within a given subject. This can include "top 5 hip hop warmups", "top 5 lessons for boys hip hop", or "top 5 considerations when choreographing competitive hip hop".


An overview of "street style" and how to add authenticity to your work by learning about common costume choices for a variety of street dance genres.


A history lesson in music, as well as the 

Hip Hop Culture

This collection of videos highlights historical points and important perspectives regarding Hip Hop culture, directly from pioneer and veteran members of the community.

3. Class Content


 In addition to core lessons and courses, class content videos continue to expand on traditional subjects you need covered throughout the school year. These videos also go in rotation, with subjects that might cover the core genres(essons beyond the core lessons), warmups, games, and more!

PDF Files

Availability: Certified HQ

Downloadable PDF files are the other half of the primary resources available to Comix Method subscribers. These files are written resources  available to you as illustrated images or text in order to get you a deeper understanding of important lessons, games, activities ,and more for your students. 

1. Skill Trees

A pillar of The Comix method. Skill trees are detailed illustrations of the education process for various street dance genres. Use these skill trees as an overview of the skills your dancers should be learning, and how they unlock new skills.

2. Checklists

These files create technique checklists that are in a printable format for you or for your students to keep as skill are accomplished throughout the year.

3. Lessons & activities

This is the readable equivalent to tutorial videos. These files cover concepts, activities, techniques, and education process in a written course format. This is where you'll find descriptions for important class lessons(and the "why" behing the lesson).

4. Professional Development

These lessons are reserved as more advanced concept lessons that you'll take a look at for yourself or for your advanced/ soon to graduate 

students in order to give thema more challenging educational experience.

5. Games, Challenges, & More

These files contain detailed instructions for important games, challenges, & fun activities for your dancers. These activities are explained in a combination of text & illustration.



New webinars occur around 3-4 times per year for teachers to continue their education in a live class setting where they can interact and ask questions. Comix Method subscribers can obtain all webinars for free. You also can gain access to all previously hosted webinars. Check out the topics covered in available recordings at


Availability: By request via or

All subscribers have access to one on one consultation via video call, phone call, or email. Take advantage of this service as you navigate your school year or this material any time of year by contacting me directly through my websites.

Bonus Resources

Availability: By request via or

Teachers may also obtain free copy of my e-books and certain larger tutorial videos. You can request a copy through either website, but check out the available topics at

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